Titanium alloys and heat-resistant alloy materials cutting tool solutions

December 01, 2008 14:28 source: China machine business network new of for titanium and heat-resisting alloys material cutting processing of tool solution programme is by mountain special dimension grams Coke full company launched of, in half roughing turning steps Shi, get patent of new Xcel tool in structure Shang has past single tool by no of many advantages:  80 ° of blade has high can up sex and easily programming of features, and 45 ° main angle of party blade compared, can reduced wear; II and diamond blade compared, Reduces the grooves wear, increases cutting speed c has the ability to process corners to produce complex shapes about tools in confined spaces with high accessibility; II can be cutting in both directions; f compared to the circular blade, lower the radial cutting force, cutting thickness is constant.

Two blade types available, suitable for 0.5~3mm intermediate process of cutting depth of cut. Offers 3 different grades, these grades on ISO-S material has been shown to have excellent cutting performance.