Wuxi energy recovery system to create a precedent

Recently, Faw Wuxi diesel engine technology innovation adds new results. A rich scientific, innovative, practical scientific and technological achievements to obtain national patents, presented by the Wuxi scientific and technical personnel "energy recovery system" installation successful national invention patents. The invention is based on mature circulation theory and mechanism of internal combustion engine, with simple, reliable, energy-efficient features, creating a domestic energy recovery design precedent.

Wuxi "energy recovery system" device is for recovery of heat energy that is not being used and proposed a scientific and effective solutions. One or more traditional heat by burning a fuel, the fuel released thermal energy, heat engine heat is used, through parts of the mechanical movement to transfer that energy into mechanical energy to the outside world and realize the conversion of heat energy to mechanical energy. Were transferred to this part of the world share of energy in fuel energy in itself is called a heat engine efficiency of energy use. For many years, improving the energy efficiency of heat engines technology research has continued, but limited because of the engine characteristics, heat engines in the process of transforming thermal energy into mechanical energy losses of energy in the fuel still accounts for a considerable proportion in the total energy.