Analysis Of Coke Burner In Extruder And Its Cause

  Analysis of Coke Burner in Extruder and Its Cause

  1, the phenomenon of scorch

  (1) the temperature reflects the ultra-high, Extruder or control the temperature of the instrument failure, resulting in plastic ultra-high temperature and scorch.

  (2) the nose of the mouth of a large mouth smoke, a strong stimulating smell, in addition to crackling.

  (3) plastic surface appears granular carrot.

  (4) There are continuous pores in the joint.

  2, the cause of scorch

  (1) high temperature control caused by plastic scorch.

  (2) screw long-term use without cleaning, Extruder burnt material accumulation, with the plastic extrusion.

  (3) heating time is too long, plastic products long-term heating, so that the aging of the plastic and scorch.

  (4) parking time is too long, Extruder no cleaning head and screw, resulting in plastic decomposition scorch.

  (5) repeated mold or color change, resulting in plastic decomposition scorch.

  (6) head gland is not pressed, the plastic aging in the inside decomposition.

  (7) control the temperature of the instrument failure, resulting in ultra-high temperature after the scorch.

  3, the exclusion of scorch method

  (1) regular check whether the heating system is normal.

  (2) regularly clean the screw or nose, Extruder to thoroughly clean.

  (3) according to the requirements of heating process, Extruder heating time should not be too long, if the heating system problems in a timely manner to find the relevant personnel to solve.

  (4) change the mold or color change in a timely manner, clean, to prevent variegated or save plastic scorch.

  (5) to adjust the mold after the mold cover to tighten the lid to prevent the glue.

  (6) Extruder found that scorch should immediately clean the head and screw.