Automatic Package Machine On The Requirements Of The Bag

  Automatic Package Machine on the requirements of the bag

  Automatic Package Machine is a self-automatic bag, automatic weighing packaging, automatic folding seam sewing machine, not manual bag does not consider the quality of the bag, involving the automatic bag, then the bag made a request The Commonly used material packaging bags, including ordinary woven bags, kraft paper bags, film woven bags, special high-quality PVC bags, etc., the shape of the bag is divided into open bags and valve pockets.

  On the bag process for the bag of the suction, transport, separation, bagging this series of coherent action, which suck, separation are used to absorb the vacuum bag way up, open. The bag is sucked before the suction is the operation of the bag will be sucked up, the weight of the bag is not the lighter the better, and too heavy will increase the intensity of vacuum suction, automatic Package Machine requires a single empty bag 100- 130g, the lowest can not be less than 80g. Vacuum pump work in a confined environment to mention the vacuum, the vacuum on the bag when the main is to provide a suction, try to suck again and then will be sucked up the bags around the leak can suck up? Therefore, single-sided coated bags, kraft paper bags, double-layer bags (outer layer for the woven bag layer for the plastic film properties), special high-quality PVC bag is the most suitable for automatic Package Machine bags.

  It is well known that open bags are used in fully automatic Package Machines, not only in the degree of automation, but also in terms of efficiency. For the valve pocket is able to achieve automatic packaging on the bag more curious, a lot of Package Machinery enterprises to the valve pocket automatic packaging is also very strange.