Development Trend Of Plastic Machine Industry

  Development Trend of Plastic Machine Industry

  In recent years, China's plastics machinery industry trends have changed dramatically in the global market structure gradually occupy a place, the international influence continues to increase. At present, China's plastics machinery industry has shown a sharp decline in imports of equipment, of course, Plastic Machine the decline in imports does not mean that the decline in foreign equipment usage, because most of the brand manufacturers have moved to China; on the other hand exports are slowing.

  China's plastics machinery industry development trend is toward the specialization, serialization, standardization, compound, miniaturization, large-scale, personalized and intelligent direction, Plastic Machine but also to meet the energy saving, materials, efficient and environmentally friendly requirements to To meet the needs of plastic raw materials, plastic products processing enterprises to save costs, in the case of conditions permit, through a variety of ways, including joint ventures, cooperation, learn from foreign advanced products and equipment and equipment to develop China's presses, improve the technical level.

  International development trend from the product development began to provide mechanical users from the products, process formulations, and after-sales service, such as all-round services, Plastic Machine timely reference to the development of related industries technology, all kinds of the latest scientific and technological achievements applied to the industry. After long-term development, China's plastics machinery industry trends continue to improve the international influence, to cope with the protection of trade protectionism, manufacturing technology and the overall strength to further improve, therefore, China's extruder industry in foreign trade and exports of many favorable conditions The As China's extrusion blow molding machine products and strategic new industries are closely linked, with high efficiency, energy-saving advantages and high cost, the developed countries to the low-end exports, Plastic Machine this part of the consumer demand is rigid, so crowded Blow molding machine industry development still has a larger market space.