Extruder Screw Driving System Design Requirements

Extruder screw on the mechanical structure is divided into the injection and clamping part. Injection part of the plastic melted and injected into a mold cavity mode-locked part of the function is to control the mold opening and closing, top products and other actions.

Injection of extruder screw parts there are two main forms: cylinder reciprocating piston-type and screw type. Piston type injection molding machine is now rare, reciprocating screw injection molding machines through the rotation of the screw in the barrel of heating, melt and solid plastic granules or powder mix, squeeze into the barrel of the extruder screw front cavities, then screw moves along an axis, cavity in injection mold cavity in plastic melt. When plastics, plastic extruder screw in the screw ribs, driven by compaction in the channel, and accept the barrel wall heat transfer, plus plastic and plastic, plastic barrel and screw surface friction heat and gradually rise to the melting temperature.