Extruder Screw Extruders With Single Screw Extruder Principle

Extruder screw extruders with single screw extruder principle: solids conveying the molten mixture of pressure and pumping and devolatilization, but not just so.

Extrusion machine screw Rod extrusion process of research probably points three a link: 1, and to figure out Chu two species above of polymer and the material in extrusion process in the real state changes real situation, mixed form, structure changes of process, and last mixture and performance of relationship; 2, and do for extrusion machine screw rod, extrusion reaction forming Shi of reaction process, and speed, and performance and screw Rod configuration, and operation conditions Zhijian of inner contact, established model, used to guide reaction forming extrusion; 3, and polymer in extrusion process in the real state changes law, Conveying solids melt conveying exhaust the truth and law, build mathematical and physical model, used to guide the design of extruder screw and optimization of extrusion process, extruder screw repair surface hard chromium plating methods available, chrome is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant metal, hard chromium layer easier to fall off.