How To Choose The Feeding Mode Of Automatic Package Machine

  How to choose the feeding mode of automatic Package Machine

  Automatic Package Machine can be based on different materials selection of different feeding methods, a total of three kinds of feeding methods are described as follows:

  1. Gravity Feeding

  This kind of feeding method mainly applies to granular materials, first of all, the granular material is not easy to absorb water, the fluidity is better, such as grain wheat, corn, sorghum and so on can be gravity feeding way packaging.

  2. Screw feeding

  The feed method is mainly used in powder materials, why choose the spiral rather than gravity, mainly powder materials and air contact after the very easy to damp caking, the current material is easy to blanking, making weighing inaccurate, not up to the requirements of qualified products, spiral feed will avoid such phenomena.

  3. Belt Feeding

  The feed mode is specialized for large-humidity powder, flake, block and mixed material development of a feeding way, this kind of feeding method is widely used in cement building materials, chemical, metallurgical power and other industries bulk material ingredients, the purpose is to regulate the flow of materials.

  Understand the various feeding methods can be based on their own characteristics of the enterprise materials to determine what kind of feeding method. This avoids the waste of materials, pollution of the environment, more important is to improve the working efficiency of the Machine unit time, choose suitable for their products fully automatic Package Machine is the best and efficient.