How To Make The Extruder Develop Rapidly

How to make the extruder develop rapidly

With the overall upgrading of China's manufacturing technology and the overall development of China's extrusion application market, China's extrusion equipment suppliers have already won their own place in the domestic and foreign markets. But we cannot help but see that China's extrusion industry is still facing high value-added equipment imports.

After a long period of development, China's plastic machinery industry's international influence has been increasing, the ability to deal with trade protectionism, manufacturing technology and the overall strength of further improvement, therefore, China's extruder industry in the export of foreign trade in a number of favorable conditions.

Because our country extruder product and the strategic new industry close together, has the high efficiency, the energy saving superiority and the high cost-effective, to the developed country exportation to the low-end mainly, this part consumer demand presents the rigidity, therefore, the extrusion machine profession development still has the big market space. Finally, the industry said that in recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises market will be more open, visibility will be further expanded, the competitiveness of the market will further improve.

Modern electronic and computer control technologies have been widely used in extruders in developed countries today, for the whole extrusion process parameters such as melt pressure and temperature, the body temperature of each segment, the main screw and feed screw speed, feed volume, the proportion of various raw materials, motor current voltage parameters such as on-line detection, and the use of computer closed-loop control. Some companies have adopted online remote monitoring, diagnosis and control, extrusion molding production line network control. This is very advantageous to ensure the stability of the process conditions and improve the accuracy of the products.