What Are The Main Methods Of Improving The Quality Of The Extruder Screw?

  What are the main methods of improving the quality of the extruder screw?

  The main way to increase the output of the extruder is to increase the screw speed. But in increasing the speed to increase production at the same time often bring the decline in plastic quality and fluctuations in the increase. In order to ensure the quality of plasticization of the current main measures taken in the following areas:

  1. The use of shear head and other cutting elements, in the melt through a small gap through the shear action to promote energy conversion to accelerate the melting of plastic. The barrier prevents the unmelted material from passing through, thus ensuring high quality plasticization at high speeds.

  2. The use of shunt pin screw, DIS screw, slotted screw and other new components to the main component of the mixing screw, by disrupting the flow, change the flow line position, mixed liquid phase and solid phase, to promote solid phase crushing fine The purpose of accelerating the melt can also achieve the purpose of transferring heat to the solid phase to reduce the average temperature of the extrudate; it is also possible to achieve a uniform reduction in the mixing of the frit groups.

  3. Depends on the additional thread to separate the molten phase and conduct it in time. During this process, the non-fused phase is in full contact with the hot cylinder to accelerate its melting process. Separate screw is designed according to this principle.

  4. Through the flow of cross-sectional area size and shape of the ever-changing plastic kneading, rolling, segmentation, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the mixing to promote plasticization. Waveform screw and other variable flow screw is designed in accordance with this principle.

  5. When the plastic melts, the temperature of the melt should be increased as much as possible. The main way is to reduce the shear rate of the melt and the high temperature barrel has melted heat transfer area. Both the melt screw and the XLK screw are designed to this principle.

  6. By properly designing the feeding area of the screw and barrel, the high pressure is passed on the screw this morning, so that the melting of the plastic is accelerated by the advancement of the melting point. High pressure resume also improves delivery efficiency and reduces pressure fluctuations. IKV system is designed according to this principle.